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Crizal Forte UV



The most advanced Crizal antireflective lens, 


ultra-protection against UV 

and perfect clarity of vision.


I. Ultra Protection against Ultraviolet 



E-SPF is a new index developed by Essilor certifying the global UV protection of a lens, to help you choose the right protection for your eyes.

With E-SPF=25, your eyes are 25 times better protected than without any lens (E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure from around the lenses).

Crizal Forte UV guarantees the best E-SPF on the market for clear lenses*. 


 II. Perfect Clarity of Vision




96% of wearers 
appreciate the transparency of 
Crizal Forte lenses***






* Best UV Protection measured with E-SPF for Crizal Forte UV lenses compared to clear lenses with anti-refl ective coating and equivalent material. E-SPF measures: independent 3rd-party USA - 2011.  

** 25 for all Crizal Forte UV lenses, except Essilor Orma® E-SPF=10. Lenses performance only: E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer’s morphology, frame shape, position of wear...).

*** Study conducted by an independent 3rd-party - 100 wearers - France, 2011.