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Crizal Forte

For the premium product seeker

Crizal Forte is the most enduring antireflective lens, with a premium water repellence feature. 

Crizal Forte offers unrivalled performances against the 5 enemies of clear vision:

- Glare reduction: with reflection reduced by up to 30% compared to standard anti-reflective lenses, 99% of light rays successfully pass through the lens, resulting in near-perfect transparency.

- Smudge resistance: thanks to Crizal Forte’s High Surface Densityprocess, wearers confirm it is the cleanest and easiest to clean lens on the market.

- Scratch resistance: Crizal Forte resists scratches just as well as a glass lens with anti-reflective coating.

- Dust repellence is unbeatable: Crizal Forte resists dust seven times better than ordinary lenses.

- Water repellence is unrivalled: Water droplets slide off Crizal Forte lenses very easily. The Slide FX technology makes Crizal Forte twice as water repellent as any other lens.