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Crizal coatings are based on advanced technologies developed to counter the enemies of clear vision. These technologies are perfectly integrated and specifically optimized for ophthalmic applications. Even when combined, they ensure a compact, uniform and durable coating, hairline thin.

The following technologies have revolutionized Crizal lenses:
- the Scratch Resistance Booster™ reinforces resistance to scratches
- the HSD Process™ (High Surface Density) improves smudge resistance
- i-Technology™ enables dust repellence
- Slide-Fx™ ensures that water droplets slide off the lens.



1- Glare reduction efficiency

Crizal lenses are made up of a series of thin mineral layers that prevent light interference on the surface of the lens, thus eliminating glare.

2 - Smudge resistance efficiency

The HSD™ Process* optimizes the density of hydrophobic and oleophobic molecules on the surface of the lens. Water and smudges are better repelled and the lens is easier to clean, when required.

*High Surface Density Process™


3 - Scratch resistance efficiency

The introduction of an extra thin layer called the SR Booster(Scratch Resistance)optimizes interaction among the different treatment layers, and boosts, or strengthens, the whole stack. It considerably increases scratch resistance


4 - Dust repellence efficiency

Crizal’s anti-dust efficiency is obtained thanks to i-Technology, inspired by space technology and fibre optics. It enables the insertion of a transparent conductive layer within the antireflective stack, equipping the lens with antistatic properties that keep it virtually dust free, even after wiping.

5 - Water repellence efficiency

The integration of a layer of hydrophobic molecules on the surface of a Crizal lens minimizes water adherence. Slide-FX technology developed by Essilor shows that calibrated water drops placed on a Crizal lens will roll into tiny balls and simply slide off when the lens is tilted, without a trace.








6 - Broad Spectrum Technology 

Broad Spectrum Technology provides the most complete protection against the invisible and often times irreversible dangers of UV while still maintaining visible light transmission, so wearers can see more clearly.

 This exclusive technology extends Crizal’s superior No-Glare efficiency from both the visible light spectrum to the UV light spectrum, to help reduce UV light reflection into the eyes while maintaining the benefit of maximum visible light transmission for crisp, clear vision. Crizal lenses reflect 4 to 8 times less UV light back into the eye than other leading competitors.

*High Surface Density Process™