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Crizal History

 A constant search for improvement

The first Essilor treatments appeared in 1967 on mineral lenses.

In 1992, the launch of Crizal revolutionized the universe of treatments on organic lenses, providing a genuine efficiency against scratches and smudges.

Since then, the Crizal range is constantly evolving thanks to the most recent advanced technologies. Our aim is to satisfy the first need of wearers: clarity of vision.

Crizal key dates

- 1992: Creation of the Crizal treatment
- 2003: Introduction of Crizal Alizé, offering drastically improved smudge resistance efficiency
- 2006: Introduction of Crizal A2, with antistatic properties to repel dust.
- 2007: Launch of Crizal Sun, the first anti-reflective lens specifically developped for sunwear.
- 2009: Launch of Crizal Forte, the most advanced anti-reflective lens on the market with unequalled scratch resistance and water repellence.
- 2010: Launches of Crizal Easy & Crizal Alizé+, for a complete range of super smudge resistance lenses.


- Launch of Crizal Forte UV, the most advanced Crizal antireflective lens, providing ultraprotection against Ultraviolet and perfect clarity of vision.

- Launch of Crizal Kids UV with Airwear Junior, a lens specifically designed for children's protection.

- Crizal UV range : All Crizal lenses now benefit from UV protection technology.


- Launch of Crizal Prevencia, the first preventive lenses offering selective protection against blue-violet light - one of the risk factors in retinal cell degeneration- and against UV rays, which contribute to the development of cataracts .